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Beyond Frugal! Shopping Haul £7.45 or $10.37

You ask, I deliver! Another shopping video………my shopping changes slightly with the seasons… this is sort of typical for the summer….but there are always a few curve balls to contend with so this week’s shop also involved a visit to my local, independent ironmongers. There was also a larger purchase to make this week which I didn’t have the money for but…..I still got it……through a bit of effort and wiliness and outside-of-the-box thinking!

2 thoughts on “Beyond Frugal! Shopping Haul £7.45 or $10.37

  1. Enjoyed this video, Vivi. You did a good job with your haul. And don’t worry about the rice. It’s near impossible to be 100% waste free. Keep the video’s coming friend.

    1. Thank you lovely. 😊

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