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Beyond Frugal: A low spend year. Hair & Beauty.

Continuing in our series on a low spend year today I’m chatting about all things hair and ‘beauty’.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Frugal: A low spend year. Hair & Beauty.

  1. Hi Vivi I really enjoyed your chat today about hair and beauty.I used to dye my hair for a very long time.I haven’t coloured it is years now and I am very happy with my grey hair.I use a shampoo bar ibought on Etsy for grey hair and the conditioner (just on my ends) Very happy with my hair I also wear very little makeup most days I wear none at all. It is very freeing Vivi I find.I am 68 years old and relaxed with my looks these days. Stay well Margaret x

    1. Yay, good on you lovely! 😀

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