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March in the Kitchen Garden

Last month we were under starter’s orders……this month the tape is finally up and we’re off! But still at a sedately pace.

I love March in the kitchen garden as it’s the month when I finally start sowing seed in earnest and get back onto the soil after what feels like the longest time. It is still far too cold in my garden to be sowing anything outdoors but indoors I will be starting my tomatoes, celery and leeks in the second week and, towards the end of the mosam_0839nth, I’ll start the squash and cucumbers. The window sills will be heaving under trays full of little paper pots…..and I shall bound out of bed each morning to see what, if anything, has germinated and I’ll squeal with delight at every little head that pops up.

The real work, though, will be happening on the soil; a busy month when I’ll be harvesting all the last of the winter crops…..carrots, parsnips and the brasicas…..they’ll come home and be processed for storing (mostly in the freezer). Once the beds are clear of veg I’ll start adding fertiliser, digging trenches, sifting soil and raising mounds. The grass paths will get their first trim of the year. I’ll mark out the beds with sticks to remind myself where to sow according to the plan I made over winter. If I had been able to get the green manure in last autumn it would be getting dug in now too.

It is tradition to get the potatoes in on St. Patrick’s Day, the 17th of March – I’ve never been organised enough to do it on this date until this year – so we’ll see if I get a better yield for getting them in earlier. They have been chitting away for the last four weeks and have lovely, short, sturdy chits on them. Don’t worry if yours aren’t ready – I have sown mine as late as early May and still had good results.

And if we get some decent sunny days the shed will get a lick of top coat….and maybe a tidy.

Happy March soil time and seed sowing.

10 thoughts on “March in the Kitchen Garden

  1. You always make gardening such a romantic pastime Vivi… even the mundane jobs of getting the spuds in sounds like a joyous occasion… which of course it is when you have the passion for growing right at your very core!…. keep us going Vivi… keep us going 😊

    1. Awww……..and your response keeps me going. Thank you!

  2. As I read, I smiled, thinking “Oh, I get to actually start planting in my potager before she does.” And, then I read that you went out to dig and harvest a variety of crops in order to plant. Darn! Without a mild winter and polytunnels (and even sometimes with) nothing survives our winters. We may get a head start, but the end comes much sooner for us. Lucky you!

    1. Hahahaha – we work with what we’ve got eh? I’m so lucky to have a climate which allows me to keep the garden going 12 months of the year. Happy planting to you. 🙂

  3. As always Vivi great words & inspiration – looking forward to the book

    1. Hahahaha! One day……maybe…… 🙂

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    1. One simply must have celery. 😉

  5. Have just had a binge read and I can’t tell you how excited your writing makes me for my first year of allotment fun.
    It sounds like the most wonderful love affair and I am most definitely ready to fall head over heels ❤❤

    1. Somewhere between a love affair and an addiction……….and glorious!

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