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Thoughts on……having a job (title) or not…


6 thoughts on “Thoughts on……having a job (title) or not…

  1. I think out loud but in my (home) work what do I have to do first and what next 😉
    You’re talking about status and people put other people like to categorize. Listen not what they say and think. In the region where I was born was a proverb: “Do your duty and let people just to gossip.” It is often a feeling of ourselves, because we are children of our time. You are Vivi and you are a beautiful woman with a beautiful allotment !!

    1. Happy out loud thinking to all of us…..and being able to happily get on with our own things. 🙂

  2. You made me smile with your thinking. It’s a very healthy way to be. I haven’t had a job title for 22 years as I’ve been (and still am) a mum to 4 children. It makes my blood boil when people say that I don’t work. Grrr. My husband is a Doctor and gets listened too because his job title counts! However I brush it off and carry on doing and being I’m confident about what I do. I enjoy thinking (not out loud though) about all sorts when I’m gardening. (p.s. I’m in my shed after a busy day in our garden; hiding so my clever husband puts our 2 year old twins to bed! And I can ‘think’ seriously about my cup of tea and biscuit with the dog on my lap ;o)) … actually she’s thinking about my biscuit too!

    1. Being a mum is definitely work!!!!! I’m glad you have a garden and shed to hide out in from time to time…..and give you the space to think. 🙂

  3. Hi Vivi ! I’m Leatrice and my job is raising my Autistic 22 year old grandson. It’s also pure joy and what I do. The mind is such a complicated thing. Sometimes I feel like there are 16 voices and thoughts in my head at the same time. No ability to focus one just one. I’d love to know how thinking is done. How do thoughts happen. How does the whole process work. BUT……that’s a long story. Just wanted to say I totally understand. My grandson, gardening, furniture restoring, reading, the list goes on and on……..these and more are things I do. And things I’m totally “being” in at the same time. Thanks for all your hard work. I hope you always are Vivi. Just doing and being~~~

    1. You are ‘being’ magnificently! 🙂

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