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Thoughts on……last pay cheque/first reality check

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on……last pay cheque/first reality check

  1. Hello Vivi,

    I’ve been following you, first in Sean’s videos and now in your own, and just want to say you are a great inspiration for me! I think following you this year will be a great experience:) I would live for us to be able to do the same thing, just be ourselves, no jobs, but where we are now in life it’s not a possibility. But at least I can follow you and dream about one day do it myself! Good luck from Finland

    1. Thank you for your lovely words and for taking the time to comment. I have no idea how this year will work out…….but I’m just happy to have a go……and you guys along for the journey. 😀

  2. Your charisma is fantastic. I wish you all the best in your new adventure. With your upbeat and cheery personality I am sure you will succeed and do well (spiritually and financially). I have changed careers many times. First I was a dental technician, then I grew and ran my own floral shop. I then moved on to real estate and finally ended up on a farm lot and built a home and a garden business. THat keeps me busy in the summer (I supply one restaurant with local food) and in the winter I have a stained glass business that get busy again. So I am sure many things will come your way too. Keep a look out, there are always signs. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your lovely words. And hurrah for you…….it sounds like you have a wonderful balance and a happy life – good on ya!!! 😀

  3. I’m in a very similar situation to yourself Vivi, Have just chosen to walk away after 20 years in an all-consuming career…final pay cheque in the bank, and this morning the P45 arrived (along with a utility bill…eek!). Your description of ’emotions pinging off the walls’ is so very accurate. All the months of preparation still hadn’t prepared me for the reality of it and the occasional moment of blind panic. I found your reflections very reassuring, and of course you’re absolutely right about not losing self-worth when you lose a job title. Your ability to counter a negative thought with a bigger and better positive is something I will definitely try to learn. I shall follow your years adventure with a lot of interest, and hope to have an adventure of my own. Good luck!

    1. Deep breaths for both of us…..and we’ll learn together! I wish you so much happiness and joy in your next ‘chapter’. Go us!!!! 😀

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