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Mid-May plot update: seedlings galore and leeks.

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4 thoughts on “Mid-May plot update: seedlings galore and leeks.

  1. Vivi I’m also having a frustrating time with squash seedlings. From a new packet of 6 Tristar courgette seeds, only 4 germinated, and 3 of those were diseased from the outset. So from a pack of 6 seeds I’ve got one viable seedling. Maybe last years poor global harvests have impacted the quality of this years squash seeds. But anyhow, yes, as you’ve suggested, a photo to the seed company will hopefully result in a replacement.

    Your plot is looking fabulous! It’s such an exciting time of year with all the seedlings popping up. And I’m reassured to see someone else with trays and trays of brassica seedlings, I’ve gone slightly OTT with mine this year, so they’ll have to wait in a queue until the potatoes are out.

    1. Hahahaha – one can never have TOO many seedlings surely. 😉 I LOVE this time of year…….so much promise (despite the squash seeds!!!!!)…….

  2. It is frustrating that we get so few squash seeds per packet when you think how many the producers can get per squash! Mine have redeemed themselves a bit after sulking for a long time – just as I thought they’d rotted or been nicked by mice I’ve got spaghetti squash (2 out of 4 with a very weedy little 3rd plantlet), gem squash and cucumbers coming up.

    Thanks for the leek tips, we’ve managed to get access to some extra space at the allotment so might be able to squeeze some in after all and I was wondering how to get them started!

    1. I’ve re sown the last few squash and cuce seeds I had………fingers crossed! 😀

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