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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 131: The Flint Corn harvest (2018).

It is time to harvest the Flint Corn….and while the plants may not be as tall and lush as they were last year (making it less den-like and adventurous this year) I am still happy and excited to harvest these little wrapped gifts and find out which jewel colours I have been given…

2 thoughts on “Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 131: The Flint Corn harvest (2018).

  1. Corn cobs and cosmos, your garden still looks so lovely Vivy 🙂
    If your allotment has a community lawn mower with a bag attachment the next time you want to shred dry leaves just spread the leaves on a patch of lawn and mow them . Presto, the mower slurps up and chops all the leaves into a beautiful fine mulch to add to the compost pile or spread directly onto a bed. It works a treat 🙂 And the bag keeps everything nice and tidy 🙂

    1. Thank you. I’ll have to see if I can borrow the mower…. 😀

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