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TIY: Reduced plastic living – simple swaps in the bathroom.

A few simple swaps in the bathroom can easily reduce our consumption of plastic and considerably reduce the amount of waste we produce. More and more companies are offering these sorts of products so its easier now than ever. Happy swapping.

2 thoughts on “TIY: Reduced plastic living – simple swaps in the bathroom.

  1. Thank you, Vivi. I’m not quite old enough to remember when nothing we used was plastic (but my mother was). I do remember quite a few products that were either not wrapped in plastics or that didn’t exist before plastics became ubiquitous. My absolute hair-ripper-outers are the plastic containers for electronics and/or the amount of styrofoam that is used to buffer them for shipping. If you can’t figure out how you are supposed open them otherwise, the cut edges of plastic containers are really dangerous. And styrofoam is such a pisser to get rid of. Sometimes I wonder what people imagine we used before plastic. We were able to have a very nice life without it.

    1. Exactly! Hopefully we’re all becoming more conscious of the problem and are starting to shop smarter. 🙂

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