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August Time Out: Day 27: Barometric changes.

My recent migraine, coinciding with a storm got me wondering about the weather and my body…… there an influence? So I did a bit of research……

5 thoughts on “August Time Out: Day 27: Barometric changes.

  1. I found the video interesting and plan to keep a log of the barometric pressure. I have osteoarthritis in both knees, Supposedly the left knee is worse, but it is the right knee that hurts and swells the most. I also get migraines but fortunately they are the visual kind, aren’t painful and I know that they are caused by allergies. When they are really bad, I can only see half an image, but I can take an allergy pill and get relief. Not so lucky with the knees which, when bad keep me inside because I can’t navigate the steps or work in the garden on the slope in back of my house.

    1. Oh how odd….my knees behave the same too in that my left knee, when viewed on scans, is worse than the right but it’s always the right which gives most pain…….I wonder if we are subconsciously over-compensating and putting our right knees through more effort?

      1. Hadn’t thought of that! I do know that I always dug using my right foot to push the shovel so the right knee might have experienced more wear and tear.

  2. Funnily enough my GP who used to work in orthopedics said that there is some science based evidence that fluctuating pressures does indeed adversely affect joint pain and migraine pain. I will ask her if there is any studies that she can point me to because i have always believed it was an old wives tale type of thing!

    1. Oooh, if you do find something let me know as I’m fascinated too! 😀

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