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Thoughts on…..Month 47: Finding normal again.

I’m a day late with my thoughts on March……because March went a bit differently than I expected. As I reflect on the month I also start to look forward to April and life getting back to a bit of normal for me…….even if my normal is never quite straightforward.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on…..Month 47: Finding normal again.

  1. Oh, my dear friend. What a beautiful and meaningful post. I can see in your face, the stress you’ve been under for the last few weeks. And I want to thank you for being honest and in sharing your true feelings with all of us. That’s not easy to do. Because mostly, we as humans, want to put on a happy face and be positive. But by you letting your guard down and telling us your true feelings Vivi. You’ve exposed yourself to be the wonderful human that I always knew you were. The last five minutes of this video was exceedingly poignant. Yes, it’s not easy to be single, and at times, and I know exactly what you’re referring too. But know this my friend, that each day things will get better. Take this time to reflect and to honestly think about God, and know that he loves you, and that you are never truly alone. Always remember, in these times, that you have all of us who deeply love you Vivi.

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words.

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