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On the Sofa: A short intermission.

A quick video, by my standards (!) to share some lovely linens and postbag stuff….but also to let you know I will be going quiet for a while. The shop will stay open but otherwise I will be off-line and will not be responding to messages or emails. This is not about the Queen’s death….it is coincidental. From midnight Saturday the 17th I will be off-line/unresponsive for a few days.

1 thought on “On the Sofa: A short intermission.

  1. Hi Vivi, I could not find a place on your shop page to leave a feedback on my purchase, I hope it is ok that I came here. My lovely, wonderful needleholder/thimble arrived today. I love it. I was so glad to have it to add to my growing stash of vintage sewing needfuls and coming from England!
    “)) I do hope you are well and that all your plans are coming about fully as you desire. I will see you in the next video, for now, much love to you dear. In Joy Vivian King, USA

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