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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: August in the Garden (2018).

Despite the heat and drought the garden is showing signs of abundance….I was worried earlier in the year that the garden simply wasn’t going to produce this year but persistence (and multiple sowings of some seeds!) has paid off…….there’s food!

4 thoughts on “Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: August in the Garden (2018).

  1. Hi Vivi,
    I must say how much I have enjoyed your video tonight (Sun) . What a difference in you, which is nice to see, I was in tears over your troll video, which was the same day my neighbour was diagnosed pancreatic cancer at 70. Life has a way of really sorting out the plusses and minuses, and so pleased you came to grips as I.
    Today I did a talk,on sq. foot gardening at our monthly community garden meeting, I am co-ordinator of, and which no one knew about, that was a surprise, so also feeling “chuffed” …. so english lol.
    Anyway here in Aus with its normal high temps ( please keep the extra hot weather there, we are already in terrible drought officially this week) I grow purple King climbing beans which are stringless and prolific,,the queens lol are dwarf who thinks of these names , should have been other way round. Anyway Fothergills Aus sell them, so check UK site. Grow purple are thinish, prolific and cook green, and obviously like hot weather. Can always send you some.

    Of course you gained on the squashes which we call pumpkins, squashes are the little round ones on zucchinni type bushes, isnt language quaint.
    All I can think of now is all that pumpkin soup, haha I picked 8 huge pumpkins (jap) off our driveway as that is where they went. We had to park in the street lol.Love Cliff of Castlehills circle idea going to do that next. Oooops waffling…..Well done Vivi.
    Chris from down under.

    1. Cheers Chris! I’m so sorry to hear about your neighbour……I hope they get the treatment they need swiftly. Congrats on doing your talk……..hahahha….’chuffed’ is perfect. Enjoy your countdown to spring and all the minute seed purchasing. 😉

  2. Vivi 🙂 We’re doing the Happy Dance with you 🙂 Great garden tour. Your larder should be full this winter, we’re looking forward to more delicious recipes too 🙂 This year we’ve been sauteing our radish greens as well as carrot greens with garlic and a bit of oil. In the fall we plan to try squash and pumpkin leaves. Normally we compost everything we don’t eat but hey, if we can get a meal out of them, why not 🙂
    Chris from down under, blessings to you for being a caring neighbour 🙂 and kind to your pumpkins 🙂

    1. Absolutely! I eat so many leaves once the ‘veg’ is harvested……particularly on my brassicas in the middle of winter when green stuff is getting in short supply. Happyharvesting and scoffing. 😀

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