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Thoughts on……Self-sufficiency – living richly on a tiny budget.

I may have very little money but my life is richer now than ever. I’m still working things out……every day is a learning day…..and every day offers the opportunity for simplicity and beauty. I am happier and more fulfilled now than I ever have been. It’s hard work and takes a bit of planning but the rewards are worth it.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on……Self-sufficiency – living richly on a tiny budget.

  1. Hi Vivi,
    I have been watching and loving your videos for a long time but I have only this evening found your shop. Can you tell me have you plans to stock your shop with your lovely bunting.
    Thank you for making such informative and entertaining videos.
    Happy gardening

    1. Hi Maggs, thank you….yes, there will be more bunting……I put lots up a few weeks ago but it all sold out pretty quickly…….I’m now working hard to make more. 😀

      1. Thank You Vivi.

  2. Beautiful things, Vivi ♥️

    1. Cheers Chrissie. 😀

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