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Thoughts on……Month 33: Decision Fatigue.

It has certainly been a tricky month….I think the hardest I’ve had since going it alone. Early in the month I read about Decision Fatigue…..I read some more and so much of it resonated with me….and may have given me some clues about how to handle things a bit more easily in future.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on……Month 33: Decision Fatigue.

  1. Hiya Vivi
    1st of al can I say I used to struggle so much with decision making but now I’m not so sure πŸ˜ƒ .
    But seriously you have really just answered your own questions you know all the answers and solutions to your dilemma.
    1st if you had a bag full of different sweets your favourite one and 50 ones you didn’t like and you had to put your hand in the bag to pick a sweet chances are you would have to keep going a while before you got the one you like / actually want =(your head) so just put one sweet (your favorite )in the bag and when you put your hand in you know you will pull out the one you want.
    So do this with your head concentrate on one thing you WANT to do and put the other things in a box ready for the next choice of things you WANT to do,so think about and do one thing at a time plan this the day before make a list AND STICK TO IT ! when it’s done relax read a book do your list for next day (lists are great) and feel you have achieved one thing rather than 10 things half heartedly.
    What’s the worst that can happen just prioritise plan and stick to it don’t overload we can all be busy fools but be a fool in control ☺ £££ πŸ‘
    All the best
    Steve and cadge 😊

    1. So true……unfortunately not that easy when a lot of the things that need doing aren’t on the ‘want’ list…..and some of the things aren’t even my own to do but rather those I need to do for others. It’s hard to plan when the phone can ring at any moment and take me away from what I’m doing. But I muddle through somehow. πŸ˜€

      1. I know it can be really difficult sometimes but we think you do really well and still put on a brave happy face for your channel videos , onwards and upwards keep up the good work but try and find a little you time 😊
        Steve and cadge πŸ‘

      2. Thank you both so much, you’re very kind. πŸ˜€

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